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> Walked Up Shoot/Potential Stalk – Near Bala at Gelli Grin.
> Rough Shooting:At Fagwrgoch Farm, Pontfaen Fishguard.
> The Hales End Shoot Near Suckley, Worcestershire [2]
> Rough Shooting Near Bala: Rhyd Uchaf
> Rough Shooting at Trawesgoed Estate Lands [1]
> Rough Shooting at Trawesgoed Estate Lands [2]
> Rough Shooting at Trawesgoed Estate Lands [3]
> Rough Shoot Near Whitchurch
> Driven Walked Up Day - Hawick, Scotland
> Pigeon Decoying & Shooting in Goole, Yorkshire
> Rough Shooting in Cwm Pennant 1, Porthmadog
> Rough Shooting in Cwm Pennant 2, Porthmadog
> Rough Shooting in Foston, Leicestershire
> Rough Shooting on Loch Calder
> Rough Shooting near Pulham, Dorset
> Rough Shooting at Horseshoe Pass
> Rough Shooting in Trefor Near Porthmadog (1)
> Rough Shooting in Trefor Near Porthmadog (2)
> Rough Shooting in Knighton in Powy 1
> Rough Shooting/ Roe Stalking in Knighton in Powys 2
> Private Stalking, Newton Dorset
> Shooting Estates, Scotland
> Private Stalking Block’s: Near Pulham, Dorset
> Stalking: Bagber, Dorset.
> Stalking at Mappowder near Sherbourne, Dorset.
> Stalking Red & Roe Deer near Dunoon, Scotland
> Stalking & Rough Shooting Near Newton Stewart
> Kent Sussex Borders High Seat & Stalk
> Walked up Grouse shooting Scotland, Wales
> Pale Shoots 1 and 2, Near LLandderfel.
> Driven Shooting Near Narborough 2500 Acre Estate
> 100 + 10 Driven Day's: Near Pulham In Dorset:
> The ‘Old Hall’ Shoot Llandriddnod Wells
> The Hales End Shoot Near Suckley, Worcestershire [1].
> Kings Walk Shoot - Chichester, West Sussex
> Pale Shoots 1 and 2, Near LLandderfel.
> Driven, walked up & Pointers over Woodcock, UK
> Walked Up Shooting: Near Llangollenat Glyndyfrdwy.
> 33 New Wild Fowl Estuary Shoots, UK Wide
> Kent Sussex Borders High Seat & Stalk
> Rough Shooting, Isle of Mull, Western Scotland
> Wild fowling at The Chichester Estuary Area
> Stalking and Rough Duck Shooting near Newton Stewart
> Hunting with Harris Hawks – UK Wide
> Hunting with ‘Hasland’ the Golden Eagle – UK Wide
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  Big Game Hunting Special Offers:
> Big Game Hunt  - Tanzania [3]
> Big Game Hunting - Botswana
> Game Hunting – in Northern Zimbabwe
  Other Overseas Shoots:
> Quail Shoot, Alicante & Catalan, Spain
> Large Game in Russia - Russian Far East Region
> Walked up Partridge or Roe deer stalk,
or Wolf and Wild Boar in Mongolia Asia.
> Wild Fowl Weeks - Canada Quebec Lake St Pierre
> Musk Ox Hunting - Greenland
> Boar, Deer, Bird & Game - Ukraine
> Wild Boar Shooting - Normandy, France
> Try a Mc’Zealand Challenge – New Zealand
> Big Sand Lake Lodge Manitoba Canada
> Big Game Hunting – Tanzania, Eastern Africa
> Wild Boar Hunting in Loire Region, France
> Game Hunting & Fishing in Patagonia [1], Argentina
> Game Hunting & Fishing in Patagonia [2], Argentina
> Game Hunting in the Kalahari, South Africa
> Wild Game Bird Shooting in Kenya, Africa
> Driven Wild Boar Hunting in Lithuania
> Woodcock Weekend Shooting. - Lithuania
> Red Partridge Shooting at Guadlajara Estate - Spain
> Red Partridge Shooting at Cencicientos Estate - Spain
> Rough Shooting Instructional Days
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Wild Game Bird Shooting in Kenya, Africa

Shoot: A superb opportunity to hunt the fastest game birds in the world testing your skills.

Hunting, early morning, we target sand grouse as they flight around and into water holes, followed by two or three walked up drives for yellow necks and Francolin. Returning to camp for brunch and afternoon of leisure, as the heat subsides we will have drives targeting Guinea fowl, and Yellow necks, which congregate along the dried up wadis, return to camp for shower and then drinks by the fire before a three-course dinner with wine. Overnight tented accommodation at Kiboko, this is a snap shot of a typical days hunt, but there are a variety of different offerings each day keeping you on your toes and developing your skills.

What species on land and description.

  • Helmeted Guinea Fowl (you cannot believe these birds and difficulty).
  • Vulterine Guinea Fowl (Huge and even more elusive).
  • Yellow neck Francolin (Cross between a Pheasant and a French partridge but a stronger flier than either species).
  • Francolin (A turbo charged English Partridge, very fast and agile).
  • Four species of Dove (Faster than UK doves).
  • Sand Grouse (Mainly taken fighting into water holes but also flushed during other drives. They are like a woodcock in flight and size).
  • Quail, mainly in abundance during rainy season but resident Birds are picked up during other drives


  • September and October then February and March

Weapons required

We have a selection of side by side’s, over and under which can be hired, you may bring your own weapon and this can be arranged and a suitable adjustment can be made to the overall price. Cartridges no 9’s for Dove, sand grouse, no 6’s for Francolin and no 4/5’s for Guinea fowl. A selection of each size will be provided for in the package cost, this includes 50 rounds per day after this a charge is made at local prices (cheap).

Trophy fees/Quotas per Day

  • Guinea fowl/Francolin/Partridge/Spur fowl - (Total daily mixed bag = 20 per gun Per day).
  • Sand Grouse – (20 per day per gun).
  • Pigeon/Doves/Quail - (20 per day per gun).
  • Most guns bag 80% of the daily quota.


  • Kenya


  • Kiboko Region, Kenya. 4 hours from Nairobi.

Guide Coaching

  • Provided as part of package. With professional hunters.

Travel arrangements and Accommodation

Return Swiss Air flight from Heathrow - accommodation is traditional tented camp. Very comfortable large insect proof tents with toilet and shower attached. At the second camp we will set a fly camp still very comfortable but smaller tents.

Cost and Duration Requirements

The cost is based on a complete package from the time you take of from Heathrow to the time you return. Not included are gratuities, overnight accommodation in Nairobi prior to departure

Does not include Return Flights from Gatwick Heathrow Manchester and charter prices available on request.

  • 7 day total cost based on 4 guns £1980.00 per person
  • 7 day total cost based on 6 guns £1860.00 per person
  • 5 day total cost based on 4 guns £1650.00 per person
  • 5 day total cost based on 6 guns £1500.00 per person


  • Medical evacuation insurance to Nairobi hospitals
  • Beaters.
  • Hunting licences , wildlife service permits,
  • All transportation.
  • Full board.
  • Flights.
  • 50 cartridges per day.

Discount applies for members only ask for details.


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