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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Land Leases Land sales Driven Shoots and Walked up days.

We reserve the right to be the legal owners representative where an advertisement has been placed for the following categories:

  • Land or river lake for shooting/ fishing lease or sale, while advertised by us.
  • Any driven shooting booked through while advertised by us.
  • Any walked up shooting booked through while advertised by us.
  • Any stalking or hunting activities in the UK or Overseas booked by us while advertised by ourselves.

The legal owner or person placing any advertisements on our web site’s or our Newsletter, or magazine, is liable for a full £50.00 per 3 calendar month payment initially.

On the realisation of land sale, land lease, river lease, lake lease, or while representing the legal owner on the selling of driven shooting or walked up shooting or stalking, Any advertising fee except £50.00 will be re-instated to the legal owner when the payment and contract have been signed and entered into and at completion all monies less 10% or agreed percentage on Shooting being booked will be deducted from the Advertiser/Legal owners payment prior to full and final settlement. and its legal owner Mr R.T.Glynn:

  • Is not liable for cancellation of any: land sale, land lease river lease or lake lease.
  • Is not liable for cancellation of any: Shooting’s booked of whatever type.
  • Is not liable for cancellation of any: Fishing’s booked of whatever type.

Legal representation:
We can offer solicitors assistance to complete any land or Lease agreements, but we have a standard contract, which can be used for shooting leases, or fishing leases the cost is covered within the commission payments we have earned for introducing potential customers.

By advertising with our operation we cannot be held responsible for any mis-information, wrongful advertising, misleading information that has been delivered to ourselves by either client or purchaser.

By advertising on our site you will automatically wave any claim whatsoever against the owner Mr R.T.Glynn his representatives or his and web sites, newsletters, or magazines.

Please note you must prior to advertising on tick a profile box to say you have read these terms and conditions prior to placing any advertisement.

Booking of any shoots where we act as an agent for you.
Deposit 50% – 10 days after booking with us.

Cancellation before 120 days 90% refund will be due.

Cancellation 120 days 50% refund will be due.

Cancellation 90 days 25% refund will be due.

In the event a 3rd party agent fails to act in good faith we are not to be held responsible and a refund of forwarded deposits sent on in good faith and the client must allow us time to recover the deposit regardless monies sent to 3rd parties will be forwarded within 60 days from cancellation.

In the event of the 3rd party agent having been sent a deposit and failing to refund, where it is beyond our control we reserve the right to 60 days refund of these monies.
Any other related costs incurred are not our responsibility on cancellation by the client.

We advise you have the correct insurance with one of the sporting organisations and a copy will be asked for prior to any shoots commencing.
We are not liable for any injury personal or to property while on third party lands.

Visitor shotgun permits.
We will endeavour to get you the correct documentation in relation to shotgun or firearms permits at our Police firearms department for individual licences it is £15. for a group over 4 -10 it is £60 in the current year.

Shotgun permits UK.
You need a current certificate to shoot on our or third party land.

Firearms Certificate.
You need a current certificate to shoot on our or third party land.